Pink Ombré “I Carry Your Heart” Box

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This box includes our signature dime stamp on the interior of our hand-made pink ombré heart mug - perfect for tea to being comfort and warmth. Including a hand-stamped “I carry your heart” keychain, to serve as a reminder that love is never far from you, and your choice of our most popular reflection beads. 
In This Box:
Ombre Heart Mug
Exclusively made for Dear Anna Boxes in Stratford, ON. This ceramic hand-made beauty comes with our signature dime stamp on the interior of the mug. 
I Carry Your Heart Keychain
Hand-stamped 1'' brass keychain, made in Windsor, ON.
Your Choice of Reflection Beads (Heart Loop or Tassel)
Our ever-popular reflection beads are the perfect addition to this box. A simple reminder of love, opening your home to mindfulness and breath. Choose between the Heart Loop or Tassel in Neutral or Pink.