NICU Mama/New Mama

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For the New Mama. This box includes essentials for any new Mama, but also specially designed with Mama's who are caring for their little on in the NICU (based off of our own experience!)

This box includes:

Soft Twist Headband (Grey or Purple)
Handmade by Persist Headbands in Kitchener, ON. 

Overachiever Organic Body Balm 
Safe and effective for baby bums, sore nipples, eczema, and all things body for both Mama and baby - Unscented 2 oz Jar 
By K'Pure Naturals in Mission, BC

Smooch Luxurious Lip Balm - All natural and vanilla scented
By K'Pure Naturals in Mission, BC

Settle Down Essential Oil Spray
Scented with 100% essential oils, including lavender, this is the perfect spray to use as a bedtime routine for both kids and parents. Works perfectly as a linen spray, face mask refresher or hydrating facial toner. 
By K'Pure Naturals in Mission, BC

Soothing Shower Steamer
Made with 100% Essential Oils
By Terra Green in Amherstburg, ON.