Let the Light Shine Box

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A curated box to celebrate love and light. 

This box includes: 

Floral Eucalyptus bundle: 

Floral sage bundles have been traditionally used to clear negative energy and promote a positive, healing environment. Lift your heart and clear your space with this beautiful, grounding bundle. The positive essence of these bundles carries on past burning, as each of these beauties comes adorned with gorgeous dried flowers, Santo Paolo and a healing crystal.

May Your Heart Be Light, Comfort Candle:

Sit with the comfort of the candles' glow and honour the light of those you have loved and lost. These plant-based candles are made with 100% essential oil and include pieces of rose quartz crystals to promote good energy and healing. The Eucalyptus Mint aroma provides cleansing freshness and will lighten any space at a heavy time.

Dried Rose Tea Soak:

Enjoy the ultimate self-care bath experience. This mix of  solar dried sea salt and dried flowers will sooth your heart and soul. Each jar comes with a reusable cloth pouch that you can fill with as much or as little as you wish. Simply remove the pouch after your bath for an easier clean up.