Hey, Mama! Box

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Perfect for anyone looking to send some light and love to any Mama. 

This Box Contains:

  • May Your Heart Be Light, Comfort Candle
  • Your choice of reflection beads; tassel or heart loop
  • Dried Rose Bath Bomb

Product Descriptions:

May Your Heart Be Light, Comfort Candle:

Sit with the comfort of the candles' glow and honour the light of those you have loved and lost. These plant-based candles are made with 100% essential oil and include pieces of rose quartz crystals to promote good energy and healing. The Eucalyptus Mint aroma provides cleansing freshness and will lighten any space at a heavy time.

Bath Bomb: 

These hand pressed bath bombs will sooth the body and soul. Scented with essential oils, these bath bombs combine relaxing aromatherapy and beautiful dried rose petals to create a feeling of peace. 

Reflection Beads: 

Inspired by the mala, these reflection beads bring peace and mindfulness to any space. Perfect for supporting anyone during their grief journey; you may choose between our tassel strand or loop-heart. These beads can serve as a sweet reminder of your loved one, adorn a special place or item, or simply be there as a reminder to just breathe, bringing hope and love.