Fave Father Box

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A unique, locally crafted box perfect to honour the Fave Father's in your life!

This box includes:

Raise a Mug to Dad, Dime Mug
Your choice of Keychain: Fave Father or Our Rock

Product Descriptions:

Raise a Mug to Dad, Dime Mug

This stunning mug was made exclusively for Dear Anna Boxes' Father's Day Collection! Raise a mug to Dad! Features a hand stamped dime at the bottom of the mug. 

It is thought that finding a dime during your day is a "hi!" "hello!", wave from a loved one above. A Dear Anna exclusive, these stunning clay mugs bring love to those who believe in the beauty and comfort of a dime. The most subtle reminder, our mugs are hand stamped with a dime inside; a sign of love and remembrance from those above appears when the light hits just right. A sense of connection in your daily life routines.  Microwave and Dishwasher Safe


Hand-stamped for Dear Anna Boxes. These keychains are solid brass, 1.5 inch rounds. Durable and lightweight.