Soothing Essential Oil Sprays

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Our best selling essential oil sprays are the perfect add on for any gift box. Sprays can be used to freshen linen, face masks (most popular use!) gym bags and yoga mats.  With the addition of witch hazel and coconut oil, all sprays can be used as a face and body hydrating toner. DEEP BREATH IS SOLD OUT IN KITCHENER

Choose from our four sweet options:

Deep Breath contains a blend of organic essential oils, including eucalyptus, lime and peppermint.   Great for cold and flu season, stressful situations or any time a breath of fresh air is all you need.   

Keep Going  is a refreshing blend of lemon, spearmint and other organic essential oils. Ideal for a pep up in the morning, or when the 3 pm slump hits. 

Settle Down is a calming spray for pillow, face and body.  A great addition to the entire family's bedtime routine. 

Dream Catcher  is Settle Down spray in a special label just for kids.  This blend of pure and organic essential oils is a huge hit with babies, kids and adults alike, and kids love to spray Dream Catcher on their pillows as part of their nightly bedtime routine. A great gift for new moms!

30 mL spray bottles

Made in Mission, BC